Becoming a Digital Connector: My Journey

Redditch Council Get Online Week

Jane Walker – Customer Support Officer & Digital Connector at Redditch Council

“How do you fancy being a Digital Connector” she said. “A what?” said I, “I’m no good with figures.” And that’s how it began back in January this year.

Where do I begin?

First of all let’s look at who I want to reach

  • Those people who are unable to access online services due to lack of skills or devices.

How am I going to find them?

  • By chatting to the community and Support Workers within Redditch to discuss needs.

How did we help those excluded?

  • Three eager learners were found and encouraged to complete Learn My Way online. It soon became clear a Digital Champion was needed to assist giving us more time to ‘spread the Digital word’. To date Rob our Digital Champion has 6 learners who visit him in Redditch Library on Tuesday afternoons and Wednesday mornings.
  • In May the Google Digital garage bus came to Redditch we had a beautiful sunny day with lots of interested residents.

Google Bus Redditch

It soon became clear we needed more than a Digital Champion to reach the Digitally excluded.

  • In September we commenced a free 6 week beginner IT course provided by Worcestershire County Council. This has proved so popular it’s been extended for a further six weeks. A new course will commence in January 2019 with a waiting list already!
  • Two successful events took place for Get Online Week with 65 people entering a prize draw with many interested in learning digital skills.

Phew! Think I’ve finally worked out a Digital Connector is nothing to do with numbers after all! It’s someone who encourages motivation, trust and skills to confidently go online.

For more information on how to learn, grow and volunteer check out Redditch Online the new number one resource for help with IT in Redditch.

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