Case Study Update – Steve

Around a year ago I wrote an article about why I became a digital champion, you can read it here, but I thought I would supply an update.

I am no longer volunteering as a digital champion because I do not have the time, I am now working. The job I am doing is tech related and involves meeting and talking to new people on a daily basis, so my experience as a volunteer helped me enormously. At my interview, it was used to show how the skills I picked up volunteering could be transferred to the workplace. I do not believe I would have got the job if it had not been for volunteering as a digital champion.

Volunteering gave me experience, more technical skills and a chance to meet a great bunch of people, I also know people I can turn to when I have technical issues.

Although I no longer have time to attend volunteer sessions I am still involved, as it is something I am passionately interested in. Technology is constantly moving forward and people are expected to have digital skills they would not have needed a few years ago. Everything from claiming benefits to paying bills and finding better deals now require people to be online and have the digital skills to do this. Soon it is no longer a case of those that are left behind can cope without digital skills, instead, it will mean they are much worse off, both financially and socially.

My volunteer work now is mostly around promoting digital sessions and highlighting issues I feel are important, most of which is done through this website.

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