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Last week @FortisLiving Digital Champions helped 101 customers in Malvern, Worcester and Droitwich learn how to shop online, report a repair to Fortis using webchat, digitise a lifetime of photos, upload CVs to Indeed, replace a payment card, spot a phishing email, recover their iTunes music library and create a family tree online. All in …

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Case Study Update – Steve

Around a year ago I wrote an article about why I became a digital champion, you can read it here, but I thought I would supply an update. I am no longer volunteering as a digital champion because I do not have the time, I am now working. The job I am doing is tech …

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Fun with Figures 2018 to 2019 Q4

Raw numbers are only half the story, but they do tell a tale. In Q4 of 2018 to 2019 @FortisLiving Digital Champions helped to deliver 691 one to one IT help sessions across Malvern, Worcester and Droitwich. In total our Digital Champions also volunteered for 691 hours. In Q4 we recruited and trained 8 new …

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What I Want to Achieve at The Heriotts

Hi, I’m @FortisLiving Digital Champion Liz. When we started the new IT Help Session in Droitwich the objective was to encourage the 55+ community to become comfortable with more modern technology such as mobile phones, laptops, iPads etc. However as I’ve watched and looked at the aging population, I’ve realised that personally I would like …

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Sheila’s Story

The main reason I became a Digital Champion is because @Fortis Living Digital Transformation Officer persuaded me! Seriously, Tim told me it would be fun and it is! What appeals to me is the interaction with people and being able to help them see what an advantage the internet is. People are all a little …

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Mark’s Story

Why did I become an @FortisLiving Digital Champion? Well, for a start because I enjoy helping people. But there’s more to it than that. It gets me out of the house and interacting with people. There’s a social side to it. It helps me with my personal development. I always used to be very shy. …

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Felix’s Story

My name is Felix. I’m the new Digital Champion at Clarence Park Village in Malvern. I help Tim get people online safely. I’m completely self-taught on computers, but I think this gives me an advantage when it comes to helping people. It means I know that you have to be patient and let people learn …

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Bev’s Story

I’ve never been able to afford my own laptop which means I have to go to the library to get on the internet. You quickly get rusty if you don’t go online for a few weeks so huge thanks to @FortisLiving Digital Champions for getting me a free laptop. It’s very easy to get isolated …

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Larry’s Story

My mum got in touch with Fortis Living to see if they did work experience on computing because that’s what my interest is in. That’s how I discovered the @FortisLiving Digital Champion scheme. I’ve really enjoyed helping people who don’t have knowledge and experience with computers, but it’s also helped me. It’s been great finding …

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Why Become a Digital Champion?

We wondered what drives people to become a Digital Champion. So we asked them. How long have you been volunteering as a Digital Champion? Under 3 months – 13% 3-12 months – 26% 1-2 years  29% More than 2 years – 32% How did you find out about the opportunity to become a Digital Champion? …

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Case Study – Tony’s Story

I’ve never had much to do with computers, so I went on a course to learn. But the trouble with courses is that they end. Because I wasn’t practicing every day I soon forgot most of what I learned. That’s why the @FortisLiving Digital Champions are so good. I could learn at my own pace …

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Peter’s story

I decided I wanted to take more control of my own NHS records so I signed up to the online patient access. Now I get regular updates on my blood and sugar levels results as well as useful medical advice and guidance. I can also leave text messages for my own GP and diabetic nurse, …

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Chris’ Story

How did you hear about becoming a Fortis Living Digital Champion? One of the challenges of the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme is to volunteer and I decided to do something with computers. I’m doing GCSE Computer Science and I’m particularly interested in Apple technology. I often help family and friends with their devices and …

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Karen’s Story

I’d never used a computer before meeting Tim and his Digital Champions. Now I’ve got a part time job, I can log in to my email and check my payslips, check my Universal Credit, and I even got over £300 refunded because I’d been overpaying my rent.

Redditch Council Get Online Week

Becoming a Digital Connector: My Journey

Jane Walker – Customer Support Officer & Digital Connector at Redditch Council “How do you fancy being a Digital Connector” she said. “A what?” said I, “I’m no good with figures.” And that’s how it began back in January this year. Where do I begin? First of all let’s look at who I want to …

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