You & Yours by Liz Jauncey

A great interest in me was sparked many years ago about finding out more about where I came from, who i came from, and  my family history. Where to start???? I tried a few genealogy sites but stuck with ancestry.co.uk Why? Because from basic information, most areas can be accessed and basic details can be …

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We’ve still got a lot to do

Some humbling statistics from the Lloyds Bank Consumer Digital Index 2019 – 6.1 million people in the UK are Digitally Disengaged with little or no digital behaviours, despite the fact that the average UK citizen could save £744 by being online. Worse, It is forecast that 4.5 million of UK adults will remain Digitally Disengaged …

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What We Do

Last week @FortisLiving Digital Champions helped 101 customers in Malvern, Worcester and Droitwich learn how to shop online, report a repair to Fortis using webchat, digitise a lifetime of photos, upload CVs to Indeed, replace a payment card, spot a phishing email, recover their iTunes music library and create a family tree online. All in …

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Mobile Phone Internet Access

Following on from our post last week about the joys of mobile internet I thought we would take a closer look at possibly the cheapest way of accessing the internet, a mobile phone. The Joys of Mobile Internet. People think that mobile phones are expensive and that you need a long term contract to be …

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Who Comes to an @FortisLiving IT Drop in?

This week we helped customers change a Fortis Property Care repair appointment online, reclaim a £368 tax overpayment, find a friend they haven’t seen for 40 years, learn Windows 10, download apps, research their family tree, set up social media presence for their upcycling business, and look for work All in a week’s work!

Gong Baths & Marma Abhyanga Massage

Everyone know how easy the internet makes it to research a holiday destination, but I was astonished by how much a friend found about where I live in Malvern. While over 9000 miles away in Australia she found and booked tickets to a Gong Bath & Meditation at Hits the Spot Natural Health & Back …

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What Goes On at Age UK Worcester & District

Age UK Worcester & District is based at Bank House, on the corner of Shaw Street and Farrier Street in the city centre. Our main phone line is open 8:30am to 4:30pm Monday to Friday. We can provide free general Information & Advice over the phone or signpost / book people over to other internal …

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What I Want to Achieve at The Heriotts

Hi, I’m @FortisLiving Digital Champion Liz. When we started the new IT Help Session in Droitwich the objective was to encourage the 55+ community to become comfortable with more modern technology such as mobile phones, laptops, iPads etc. However as I’ve watched and looked at the aging population, I’ve realised that personally I would like …

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Sheila’s Story

The main reason I became a Digital Champion is because @Fortis Living Digital Transformation Officer persuaded me! Seriously, Tim told me it would be fun and it is! What appeals to me is the interaction with people and being able to help them see what an advantage the internet is. People are all a little …

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Mark’s Story

Why did I become an @FortisLiving Digital Champion? Well, for a start because I enjoy helping people. But there’s more to it than that. It gets me out of the house and interacting with people. There’s a social side to it. It helps me with my personal development. I always used to be very shy. …

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Voice First Technology for the over 55’s

Many people are daunted by technology, the thought of using a computer, tablet or smartphone fills them with dread. A lot of these people are the ones that have never needed to use computers at work, so have little or no experience of them. So how can we introduce people to technology when traditional tech …

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Bev’s Story

I’ve never been able to afford my own laptop which means I have to go to the library to get on the internet. You quickly get rusty if you don’t go online for a few weeks so huge thanks to @FortisLiving Digital Champions for getting me a free laptop. It’s very easy to get isolated …

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Why Become a Digital Champion?

We wondered what drives people to become a Digital Champion. So we asked them. How long have you been volunteering as a Digital Champion? Under 3 months – 13% 3-12 months – 26% 1-2 years  29% More than 2 years – 32% How did you find out about the opportunity to become a Digital Champion? …

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Flexible Learning at the IT Skills Centre

Flexible Learning at the IT Skills Centre – work towards the City & Guilds iTQ Many of us pick up our IT skills as we go. We learn how to set up phones by having to set one up to use. It can be the same for Microsoft Office – we learn to use a …

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Get Online Week

Get online week – 15th to 21st October 2018

#try1thing Get Online Week is a campaign by the Good Things Foundation and has been running since 2007. The idea is to bring digital inclusion to national attention. The theme this year is try one thing, so if people have never been online before to show them how to do it and what benefits being online …

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