Consumer Digital Index – Key Findings

The fifth annual Lloyds Bank UK Consumer Digital Index is out now with some alarming findings.

An estimated 16% or 9 million people in the UK are unable to use the internet or their devices without assistance.

12% of people can’t open apps.

7% of the UK are almost completely offline.

22% of people in the UK are without the skills needed for everyday life.

4-in-10 benefit claimants have very low digital engagement.

25% of people with an impairment are less likely to have the skills to access devices and get online by themselves.

Only 7% of people over 70 are likely to have the capability to shop or manage their money online.

The report estimates that: ‘if these rates continue and trends remain the same, by 2030 one-quarter of the UK will still have a Very Low level of digital engagement.’

These are just a few of the key findings of the Lloyds Bank UK Consumer Digital Index 2020. If you have any interest in Digital Inclusion and the problems facing us moving forward, it’s really worth reading the report in full. You can find it here

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