Crowdless App

Looks like social distancing is here to stay. But with lockdown restrictions easing shops are getting busier and busier – often leading to long queues.

Crowdless is a free app designed to help you beat those queues by providing real-time data on how busy supermarkets are so you can choose the least busy place and the best time to visit.

It uses a combination of existing data sources such as Google maps and Google Place data – but you can also input data yourself to help other users.

In a recent interview app creator Alex Barnes said, ‘We think it will be extremely useful for people who need to travel to shops and grocery stores, but are trying to do social distancing effectively to protect themselves and the wider population.’

Currently, the app is most popular in Germany and Spain, but it seems to be catching on in the UK too.

Their website stresses that Crowdless is GDPR compliant and ‘collect users’ personal information. Location information is collected on an opt-in basis, only for the purpose of returning the most relevant results.’

Crowdless is available a the App Store and Google Play.

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