Dave’s Story

Malvern Town Football Club, Langland Avenue, Malvern

Why did you come to us for help?

I needed help with computers and looking for work, as I struggle with IT. I only had basic knowledge of computers.

What did you learn from us?

I learned more about how to use universal credit and looking for work online using Indeed. I can now create accounts and set up strong passwords. I can also use the internet to search for information for things like broadband. I can send e-mails and can use memory sticks. I can find addresses for where company are located by using Google Maps, I can now look up bus and train time tables. I can also search for information on the computer games I play.

What was the experience like?

I enjoy learning IT and find it easy to work with. The location is convenient and the people are friendly. The team is good at answering any questions I might have. Tim makes nice coffee!

Anything else you would like to learn?

I am looking to do more computer courses to find out more about how computers work including using more information on how to use e-mails and memory sticks. The team has given me a free laptop and I am using it to get to broadband.

Would you recommend us to others?

I would defiantly recommend it to others.

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