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The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) are closing their exisiting job search website, Universal Jobmatch will close on the 17th of June 2018. The exisiting site was far from perfect, the registration process was difficult as it required users to have a Government gateway account, which some users did not have.

The DWP have replaced this with a new website called Find a Job. This site when live on the 14th May 2018. Users are also pointing out issues with the new site. Registration is easier than the old system as you do not require a gateway account, but some of the features from the old system are missing from the new one and it is not as easy to find. Staff at your local jobcentre had access to the old system, so could see your job applications via the site and any job search history you added to it. The new system cannot be accessed by staff, so in future job seekers need to record their job search history somewhere else to show to work coaches. There are several ways of doing this, old fashioned pen and paper, or recording your searches digitally in a way you can show your job coach, such as a word processing document on a device you take to the jobcentre, or a system such as Google Docs. The new site is not as easy to find in searches, as the Find a Job name is very generic, so brings up other websites in a search. To get there we recommend either using a direct link: or by searching for “find a job gov uk”, the “gov uk” part of this search references the fact it is a UK government website.

We have produced some guides to using the new site:

Registering with Find a Job

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Uploading a CV to Find a Job

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Searching and apply for jobs with Find a Job

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