Gong Baths & Marma Abhyanga Massage

Everyone know how easy the internet makes it to research a holiday destination, but I was astonished by how much a friend found about where I live in Malvern. While over 9000 miles away in Australia she found and booked tickets to a Gong Bath & Meditation at Hits the Spot Natural Health & Back Care Centre in Corse, Gloucestershire.

Not only had I never heard of Corse, Gloucestershire, I had no earthly idea of what a Gong Bath is. Actually, the Health Centre turned out to be a beautifully renovated dairy, while the Gong Bath turned out to be a session where you lie on a yoga mat while qualified Sound therapist Angie Latham delivered a short mindful meditation and then played various sacred instruments such as the Gong, Tibet and Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls, Harmonic Chimes and Tuning forks.

I arrived skeptical. I left genuinely relaxed. Find out more abut Angie’s work here https://www.sacredearthsoundtherapy.com/

Not content with introducing me to Gong Baths my friend also found a place called the Clover Mill, just outside Malvern. A working mill set in beautiful grounds The Clover Mill uses the Ayurvedic principles of healthy diet, therapeutic massage, gentle yogic exercise and meditation. A one and half hour Marma Abhyanga full body massage later I was just about awake enough to think:

I love the internet!

Find out more about The Clover Mill here https://www.theclovermill.com/

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