Maggs Day Centre Malvern

32,220 households were deemed to be homeless between April and June 2019 – an increase of 23% on the same time period in 2018. Which makes the newly opened Maggs Day Centre Malvern even more important.

On Tuesdays and Fridays from 8am to 1pm the Day Centre provides vital front line support and humanitarian relief for the homeless and socially isolated, including breakfast and lunch, free drinks, heat and shelter, advice and support, a warm and safe space.

Intriguingly, the Day Centre also offers phone charging facilities and Free WiFi. It’s often overlooked that people who are homeless are almost invariably also digitally excluded.

“If you have no electric or phone battery it’s pretty hard to bid on properties, look for jobs on line, check your emails or how your benefit claim is going,” explains Sam Price, Team Leader at the Day Centre. “Most jobs are advertised digitally these days and if you can’t provide records of your job searching you can be sanctioned, not be able to pay your rent and then you can become homeless as a result. Not being able to keep in touch with people can make you socially isolated too leading to poor mental health.”

Sam continues: “We provide support and liaise closely with other agencies. We will be having other agencies providing drop in services to the Day Centre to help with housing and benefits etc. We have a hairdresser providing free haircuts once a month too. All our food is being provided by the food bank and we will shortly be providing foodbank vouchers too. The food is cooked by our team of volunteers and we couldn’t operate without them. We have free laundry and shower facilities. We can support with clean underwear and toiletries and refer people to our clothing project in Worcester for other clothing. We offer a welcoming safe non-judgmental space for people to come to and avoid social isolation. Please come along and meet us!”

The Centre is located at the Salvation Army Hall, Newtown Road, Malvern. For more information click here

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