Fortis Community Awards   Recently updated!

Wednesday night was the 2018 Fortis Community Awards, which recognises ordinary people within their community doing extraordinary things. This year the Digital Champions were well represented, with two nominations. Chantelle was nominated for volunteer of the year for her work running a digital inclusion session at the Octagon in Malvern. I was nominated for the inspiration award for my work creating and managing this website. […]

My Favourite App – Google Translate

My Favourite App by Steve Kelcey: Google Translate In the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Douglas Adams famously created a fish you stick in your ear so that you can instantly understand anything said to you in any language. The future isn’t quite here, and it certainly isn’t fish shaped, but Google translate is an a app that translates languages, this is a fantastic app […]

Using the internet to research hobbies

Using the internet to research hobbies One of the first questions Digital Champions ask reluctant IT users is “what interests you?”. We can then use that information to show them the sheer amount of information there is online, to encourage them to access more of it. As examples we asked some of the current Digital Champions what research they do in relation to their hobbies, […]

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Black Friday

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Black Friday Some say Black Friday dates back to 1869 when two American speculators created a boom and bust in gold prices. The modern usage goes back to 1966 when a stamp collectors’ magazine published a story about the traffic jams and overcrowding in stores that took place when consumers started their Christmas shop on the day after Thanksgiving – […]

Becoming a Digital Connector: My Journey

Jane Walker – Customer Support Officer & Digital Connector at Redditch Council “How do you fancy being a Digital Connector” she said. “A what?” said I, “I’m no good with figures.” And that’s how it began back in January this year. Where do I begin? First of all let’s look at who I want to reach Those people who are unable to access online services […]

Redditch Council Get Online Week

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Online Mental Health Resources

Positive Thoughts In England woman are almost twice as likely to be diagnosed with anxiety disorders than men, but of the 6233 suicides recorded in the UK in 2013 for people aged 15 and older, 78% were male and 22% female. We take a look at some of the online resources available with Gary Lewis of Malvern mental health charity Positive Thoughts. What is Positive […]

Bright Sparks – St Mary’s Church, Pickersleigh, Malvern

Bright Sparks – St Mary’s Church, Pickersleigh, Malvern The Revd Lynne Sparkes of St. Mary’s Church, Pickersleigh, believes a church should be a dual purpose building – a church on a Sunday and for the rest of the week a community centre. That’s why she runs an innovative cyber café every Monday where anyone in Pickersleigh can drop in for delicious cakes and coffee and […]

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Flexible Learning at the IT Skills Centre

Flexible Learning at the IT Skills Centre – work towards the City & Guilds iTQ Many of us pick up our IT skills as we go. We learn how to set up phones by having to set one up to use. It can be the same for Microsoft Office – we learn to use a word processor by writing letters or a CV. However there […]

Universal Credit Rollout – Worcester

Universal Credit Rollout – Worcester Universal Credit is being rolled out for nearly all new claimants in Worcester on Wednesday 17 October. Here is our guide on what it is and how it works.   If you need support with IT to claim UC come along to one of our free sessions listed here. This guide is available as a download:   Universal Credit What is it? […]

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Get Online Week

Get online week – 15th to 21st October 2018

#try1thing Get Online Week is a campaign by the Good Things Foundation and has been running since 2007. The idea is to bring digital inclusion to national attention. The theme this year is try one thing, so if people have never been online before to show them how to do it and what benefits being online offers. For those that have used the internet it encourages […]

Do I Need to Install Anti-Virus on my Mac, iPhone or iPad?

Do I need to Install Anti-Vius on my Mac, iPhone or iPad? The simple answer is no – at least for the time being. Viruses are designed to steal data, take over your computer and spread themselves to other devices. To do this viruses have to be able to run on your computer, get data and control software. Mac OS for iMacs and MacBooks, and […]

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Keeping your Android Phone/Tablet Safe

Keeping your Android Phone/Tablet Safe This post is part of a series looking at staying safe online, please see our post on staying safe online here, keeping your children safe online here and how to keep your Windows PC/laptop secure here. Android is now the most popular phone and tablet operating system in use. We use our phones all day and for a lot more […]

Keeping your Windows PC/Laptop Safe

Keeping your Windows PC/Laptop Safe This is part of a series of posts about staying safe online, see our online safety basics here: Online Safety – The Basics. We also have about Keeping Children Safe Online. If you use your PC or laptop to get online you should take some basic steps to keep you, your computer, your data and your browsing safe and secure. […]

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Keeping Children Safe Online

Keeping Children Safe Online This is part of a series of posts on keeping safe online, see our post of the basics here: Online Safety – The Basics   The internet is an incredible amount of knowledge, resources and entertainment available to anyone with an internet connection. It is possible to connect with people from around the globe, watch TV and videos, learn new skills […]

Online Safety – The Basics

Online Safety – The Basics This is the first part of a series, in the following weeks we will show you how to keep your children safe online and secure your device. With the rise of scams, hacks and malware the online world can seem like a dangerous place. However staying safe online is easy , especially if you make it a part of your […]

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