Fitness Apps for the Chronically Sick and Less Mobile   Recently updated!

We have several posts on the site that look at using apps to help people get fit, but what if you can’t run due to a medical condition or a serious illness? We are going to look at apps that can help you improve your health, even if you are less mobile. Before you start any exercise routine we recommend talking to your doctor. If […]

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Peter’s story

I decided I wanted to take more control of my own NHS records so I signed up to the online patient access. Now I get regular updates on my blood and sugar levels results as well as useful medical advice and guidance. I can also leave text messages for my own GP and diabetic nurse, and change appointments if something crops up. I find going […]

Chris’ Story

How did you hear about becoming a Fortis Living Digital Champion? One of the challenges of the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme is to volunteer and I decided to do something with computers. I’m doing GCSE Computer Science and I’m particularly interested in Apple technology. I often help family and friends with their devices and thought I could use my knowledge and skill to help […]

Karen’s Story

I’d never used a computer before meeting Tim and his Digital Champions. Now I’ve got a part time job, I can log in to my email and check my payslips, check my Universal Credit, and I even got over £300 refunded because I’d been overpaying my rent.

App Review – Couch to 5k

This app has been mentioned in previous posts, but as I have recently completed it I thought I would share my experiences with it. C25K, as it is abbreviated, was created to encourage people to get running. The plan was originally designed by Josh Clark in 1996, a novice runner who wanted to help his mum get off the couch and be more active. Each […]

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Fun with Figures

With 12% of Worcestershire needing help to use a computer we’d get nowhere without the hard work of the Fortis Living Digital Champions. From April 18 we recruited 42 new Digital Champion volunteers who helped deliver an incredible 929 IT sessions in Malvern and Worcester, volunteering for 859 hours. Overall, since we started the project in late 2015 we have recruited 98 Fortis Living Digital […]

New Year’s Resolutions – Part 2

In the second part of these posts on New Year’s Resolutions, we are looking at the third most common resolution, spend less money. Christmas can be an expensive time, with gifts and extravagant meals, so it is little wonder that people go into the new year looking at spending less. The first thing to check is if you are claiming all of the benefits you […]

New Year’s Resolutions – Part 1

According to a recent YouGov poll, the most popular New Year’s resolutions for 2018 are as follows: 1. Eat better 2. Exercise more 3. Spend less money 4. Self care (i.e. get more sleep) 5. Read more books This will be split into two posts, the first looking at the health and fitness resolutions, along with the second at spending less money. Eat Better The […]

Happy Appmas!

Happy Appmas! 5 apps and a website to help kids of all ages enjoy Christmas. Jingle bells and ho ho ho! Toca Hair Salon Xmas According to Toca Boca the Xmas edition of their of their smash hit Hair Salon is not a game, it’s a ‘digital toy meant to elicit creative play.’ And it’s true there are no scores in this app, or levels, […]

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Fortis Community Awards

Wednesday night was the 2018 Fortis Community Awards, which recognises ordinary people within their community doing extraordinary things. This year the Digital Champions were well represented, with two nominations. Chantelle was nominated for volunteer of the year for her work running a digital inclusion session at the Octagon in Malvern. I was nominated for the inspiration award for my work creating and managing this website. […]

My Favourite App – Google Translate

My Favourite App by Steve Kelcey: Google Translate In the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Douglas Adams famously created a fish you stick in your ear so that you can instantly understand anything said to you in any language. The future isn’t quite here, and it certainly isn’t fish shaped, but Google translate is an a app that translates languages, this is a fantastic app […]

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Using the internet to research hobbies

Using the internet to research hobbies One of the first questions Digital Champions ask reluctant IT users is “what interests you?”. We can then use that information to show them the sheer amount of information there is online, to encourage them to access more of it. As examples we asked some of the current Digital Champions what research they do in relation to their hobbies, […]

Black Friday

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Black Friday Some say Black Friday dates back to 1869 when two American speculators created a boom and bust in gold prices. The modern usage goes back to 1966 when a stamp collectors’ magazine published a story about the traffic jams and overcrowding in stores that took place when consumers started their Christmas shop on the day after Thanksgiving – […]

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Redditch Council Get Online Week

Becoming a Digital Connector: My Journey

Jane Walker – Customer Support Officer & Digital Connector at Redditch Council “How do you fancy being a Digital Connector” she said. “A what?” said I, “I’m no good with figures.” And that’s how it began back in January this year. Where do I begin? First of all let’s look at who I want to reach Those people who are unable to access online services […]

Online Mental Health Resources

Positive Thoughts In England woman are almost twice as likely to be diagnosed with anxiety disorders than men, but of the 6233 suicides recorded in the UK in 2013 for people aged 15 and older, 78% were male and 22% female. We take a look at some of the online resources available with Gary Lewis of Malvern mental health charity Positive Thoughts. What is Positive […]

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