Pokemon Go by Mark Pepper

It’s a game yes, but not just a game, it’s so much more!

The reason that I enjoy this game, still after 3 years, is that it’s a great motivator to play daily as it gets me out of the house, in almost any weather, whatever my state of depression is at. It sets no limits on how much I have to do, and has helped improve my diabetes condition, and also helps the deterioration on my eyes, and me recover from a kidney transplant.

Also the stamina I have built up walking through the streets, or waddling around parks (!) means that 10km walks are no longer a problem.

Along with the exercise, there is so many more benefits, such as excuses to go to new places to find the new, rare or just the Pokémon you need. Pokemon has made me go to many new places such as Chester and London for small events, and Dortmund Germany for large festivals with like minded individuals. Even if you can’t travel, playing locally is just as much fun – the game is a perfect reason to interact with the community and meet new people and make friends.

I have made so many new friends, more than dating sites, evening classes or my fat club 😂. It has built my confidence no end. I used to stand at the back of the group, but nowadays, I help to lead the chat group, and run my teams raid groups during events, finding it a lot easier to be at the front, sorting and advising to get the best results possible. This has helped my confidence meeting others for the first time so much.

If you decide to try this game out, find a community or raid day in the city and you will see hundreds of people out in groups talking and catching, on the hunt for that elusive shiny pokemon for their collection, whilst having an enjoyable time.


  • Excellent form on gentle exercise
  • Great chance to meet and talk to new people and hopefully make new friends
  • Extra reason to visit new areas
  • Finding a rare or exclusive Pokemon you were after puts a smile on your face and others who are just as happy for you


  • The game is 3 years old, you have catch up, but the community is happy to help and advise
  • There are micro transactions which help you, but you can earn the currency yourself
  • You do need to go outdoors, very few people have all the Pokemon they need on their doorstep.

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