The Joys of Mobile Internet

A lot of what we do teaching people technology revolves around using laptop or desktop computers. This is often the case because these devices use a larger screen so there is more to see and for some applications they can be easier to use.

However access to the internet is not limited to laptops and computers, many of us have internet access on our mobile phones, but do not use it to its full potential.

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I was reminded about just how useful having internet access all of the time was during a recent weekend away. Usually I will research where I’m going online before I leave, so I have a good idea of what I want to see and where things are.

However on my last trip we saw signposts to a museum we wanted to visit and could use our phones to look up the address, opening times and the costs.

As there was a festival when we went there was a lot of traffic in town, so we could use mobile internet to find alternative parking.

Because of the festival and the amount of people in town our first choice of restaurant was busy, we could search the internet, find an alternative, read reviews and even get directions to it on the mapping program on our devices.

We also looked up the times of the tides and sunsets, to allow us to go out and about taking photos when the conditions were good.

I could keep up with what my friends were doing, share photos and check my emails. I could even of ordered food direct to our accommodation if I had wanted.

Many of us have access to massive amounts of information in our pockets all the time, we just don’t use it

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