Timehop by Mark Pepper

Timehop is my favourite app to use daily. It has a criminally simple premise, where you grant it access to your phones pictures and social media. It then culls from all the records of what you have done in the past on that day. It is great to see the photos of the family growing throughout the years or what you did, where you visited, or just how you felt on that day in the past.

@FortisLiving Digital Champion’s top pick

When that notification comes through daily I’m waiting and excited to see what happened, followed by some short trivia knowledge of what else has happened on that day in history.


  • Easy and simple
  • Exciting and fun, more reason to take photos so you can re live those memories
  • You can create then and now photos for comparison


  • Only accesses photos on the phone, doesn’t access cloud of those on a pc/laptop
  • It does need access to your social media

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