What I Want to Achieve at The Heriotts

Award winning @FortisLiving Digital Champion meeting Princess Anne

Hi, I’m @FortisLiving Digital Champion Liz. When we started the new IT Help Session in Droitwich the objective was to encourage the 55+ community to become comfortable with more modern technology such as mobile phones, laptops, iPads etc.

However as I’ve watched and looked at the aging population, I’ve realised that personally I would like to aim at the older person (75+) to see what they can gain.

As people get older the memory isn’t always what it used to be and what better way than to capture on CD or DVD or Cloud all of the old photos that stand a chance of being damaged or lost to look at whenever you want.

Older people can use the internet to see pictures, videos and music from both now and in the past. With the use of headphones they can listen privately to a talking book or anything they don’t want others to hear as a distraction.

Liz at work at the Heriotts

I believe there is no reason why the older and less able should miss out. If someone has arthritis and thinks they can’t use a computer then there is no reason why we can’t input the information and they can look at and listen to the results.

I see us as being an invisible extension to our regulars allowing them the opportunity to make use of technology with or without help. Not all of our customers can use a mouse, so we can do that for them, yes there are the new voice activated technology but they don’t want that … that is one step too far for a lot of the older generation but computers are something that they can use independently or with family, friends or carers.

There are probably many other things that the computers can be used for but at the moment I am trying to be guided by what people show an interest in and maybe introduce more when I learn more. Everything is a learning curve for all of us and we can all learn from each other.

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