You & Yours by Liz Jauncey

A great interest in me was sparked many years ago about finding out more about where I came from, who i came from, and  my family history. Where to start???? I tried a few genealogy sites but stuck with


Because from basic information, most areas can be accessed and basic details can be added.

Learning about family trees has developed into a genuine interest and thirst for more information on an almost daily basis.

I’m going to start with the Cons of the site first:

  • It’s expensive
  • It’s time consuming
  • It’s extremely addictive
  • The census records are only updated every 100 years!! So the 1921 census will be published in 2021. Can’t come soon enough for me!!

Now for the Pros … which actually justify the Cons!!

  • Depending on what package you subscribe to it is extremely good value for the information that you get
  • It may be time consuming, but you can have such delight at finding out what previous generations did for work, where, ages at which they were doing everything – including photographs
  • It builds up a picture of family life from the past
  • You can build as many trees as you like, which means you are able to build one for each side of the family as well as one main one with all of the family on it, so again, it’s worth the price
  • You can also do your friends’ trees as there is no limit – which again justifies the price
  • Older generations are able to show their family history to their families to remind them that the past should never be forgotten
  • It’s FUN, FUN, FUN!!

And, of course, a pro for me is that if you are reasonable at it … people ask you to help them start their family tree!!

I’m no expert and I do learn al of the time from the trees that I build for people, but we have such fun doing it as I do like to involve families in what we are exploring. It can bring out so many memories for people.

So, I would totally recommend as a main family tree building site, but never discount using others as well, such as findmypast and

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