Working Out Online! by Stella

Stella in action!

How did you get started with Zumba?

For many many years I have always been enjoying attending group exercise classes at the gyms and also always have a passion with dancing. Dancing and fitness go hand in hand with me. For over a decade I have also been learning modern jive (Ceroc Dancing) ; and at a younger age I had also experienced contemporary dancing and learnt some ballet at school. Before Zumba I was  a franchisee for about a decade running music and movement classes for young children as it is something I could do to fit it in looking after my own 2 children as I also have a music background myself. I have been a Zumba instructor since 2012 and before that over a year I was also a regular participant at my local Zumba classes and just got hooked on it. After a decade working purely just with small children I decided to go for a career change and I decided to training to become a Zumba instructor. I know it was something that I would enjoy and along the journey I’ve also qualified as a fitness instructor (personal trainer level) as well as an Aqua Zumba Instructor and other aqua instructor training.

What are the benefits of Zumba?

  • It’s fun. The more you enjoy your exercise routine the more likely you will stick with it
  • It improves overall coordination and balance
  • It helps with weight loss
  • It tones your entire body
  • It boosts heart and lung health
  • It makes you happy and helps with mental well-being

How has the lock down hit your business?

  • Obviously I can’t go out to run community classes and only can run virtual classes from home as well as sending videos out to people if they can’t make it to virtual classes or just prefer to do it in their own time. Everyone is being hit hard at the moment with their own incomes, so obviously i can’t ask for too much money
  • Also I can’t run classes in school settings any more – so i’m sending videos out on request for a small charge

You use Zoom Live Stream for your online Zumba classes. How does that work?

Just message on Facebook me then I will send you a Zoom link and passcode to access to my online Zoom Zumba classes. All Platform customers and employees can attend for free, as Platform subsidises all classes. otherwise it’s £2.50 per virtual class. I also send video out if people request for £4.50 a week and every week I give them three more routines plus a warm up and a cool down. Every week they purchase videos, for the non Platform customers they will have one complementary virtual class free from me.

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